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"These lessons are intellectual yet trouble-free to comprehend."
- Tracey De Vaney
Northern Sailor, Prince George, BC
About Us

Roger Aubin set out to learn sailing in 2000. As his trade is a teacher, he continued to teach new people who came on board on his Fun Sails.

After 9 years literally over 1500 people have enjoyed the water on Roger's boat.

Nine years may not sound like a lot but in that short time he has logged well over 5000 hours (as of May 2009).

He has progressed from trying to get off the docks in the first year to winning the prestigious Royal Victoria Yacht Club’s Louis Lindholm (Combination of Thrash Regatta, Thermopylae Regatta and Swiftsure Over Night Race), T.H.S.A.’s Over-All and Patos Island Classic.

In a short time he has accomplished more in this nine years than most boats in 30, yet still remembers what it was like to be new to the sport. While Roger was on his steep learning curve he took into account the tough places for new sailors. These learning programs go though the beginning steps of knowing what the bow is to the complex strategies of Long Distance and Around the Buoys.

While Roger was learning on his keelboat he also had a Fireball dinghy. Remembering that many people start on dinghies he has learning programs for dinghies.

Annie's Accomplishments

Download a PowerPoint of Annie's accomplishments.

PowerPoint Services

If you like what you see, and you'd like have Roger create PowerPoint presentations for you or your organization, please contact us for more information.

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