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"These lessons are intellectual yet trouble-free to comprehend."
- Tracey De Vaney
Northern Sailor, Prince George, BC

We've made up 3 presentations that contain sample slides from the sailing learning programs.

To order programs, please go to our Learning Tools page.

Important Notes

  • These interactive programs have been created as PowerPoint Presentations. They are easy to use with the free PowerPoint Viewer available from Microsoft.

  • Each sample contains several slides, and are around 2 to 3 MB in size -- so please have patience while downloading them!

  • You may want to do a "right-click / save-as" to save the programs to your desktop -- then view them from your computer instead of from the website.

Sample Programs:

  1. Samples from Programs 1 to 7

  2. Samples from Programs 8 to 11

  3. Samples from Programs 12 to 21

For a complete description of these learing programs, please go to our Learning Tools page.

PowerPoint Services

If you like what you see, and you'd like have Roger create PowerPoint presentations for you or your organization, please contact us for more information.

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